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Help your Harvard classmates save thousands of dollars

Your Harvard classmates are wasting thousands of dollars every year becuase they dont know how to access student deals and discounts. Help them save money.

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4.8out of 5

Student Deal



Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip

4.7out of 5

Student Deal



Apple Studio Display Nano-texture Glass On

4.3out of 5

Student Deal



Dell XPS Desktop On Sale, Coupons,

4.7out of 5

Student Deal



Apple iPad 10th Generation – 256GB

4.2out of 5

Student Deal



Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 Laptop On

4.1out of 5

Student Deal



Inspiron 16 2-in-1 Laptop On Sale,

4.6out of 5

Student Deal



Apple MacBook Pro 14-Inch, 16GB Unified

4.8out of 5

Student Deal



Apple iPad Pro 11-Inch Display On

4.1out of 5

Student Deal



Dell XPS 13 Laptop On Sale,

4.4out of 5

Student Deal



HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One Printer w/

4.3out of 5

Student Deal



HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-in-One Printer

4.4out of 5

Student Deal



Dell Alienware x14 Gaming Laptop On

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deal Buster?

Deal Buster is an education and student discount e-commerce aggregator that allows students to save money on a variety of products and services. Students simply select their college or university and then browse thousands of corporate discounts and deals available to them instantly. There are up to $50 billion worth of student deals and discounts on Deal Buster, ranging from computers to smartphones to subscription services to furniture and much more.

Here are some of the benefits of using Deal Buster:

  • Save money on a variety of products and services.
  • Find exclusive student discounts that are not available to the general public.
  • Easily browse and compare deals from different retailers.
  • Get access to deals that are only available for a limited time.
  • Save time and effort by not having to search for deals on your own.
What are requirement to claim the discounts on Deal Buster?

The requirement is very simple: you just need to be a student, and you need to have a student (.edu) email address.

How do I prove that I'm a student?

The verification process will be slightly different from company to company. The vast majority of companies simply need you to provide your student email address during the checkout phase, while other companies will have some slightly different requirements. However, you will be glad to know that for any product you find on Deal Buster, you can click on the "How do I claim this discount" button and it will provide you with a step by step guide of how to claim the discount for that deal.

How many times can I use a student discount?

For product-specific deals (i.e. computer, smartphone, etc), you can generally claim the discount or purchase as many products as you want, with some minor limitations for a few companies. For example, some companies may allow you to purchase a maximum of five or 10 products as a student. For subscription-related deals, you can generally claim the discount only once.

Can I use these discounts at the physical store?

Deal Buster is an ecommerce focused deals platform, so all the deals and discounts that we provide on our platform are deals you can get online. There are some deals that may also be applicable at a physical store, but we do not specialize in that so we cannot guarantee that you will be able to claim the same deal at a store location.

Are student discounts available on all products for companies that offer discounts?

Student discounts and deals vary from company to company, but generally most companies offer discounts to a select number of products or services. The challenge for you as a consumer is that it's often difficult to figure out which products or services qualify for student discounts, and that is exactly one of the big benefits of Deal Buster, because everything you find on Deal Buster is automatically eligible for student discount so you don't have to waste time and energy doing a long research.

Are high school students and teachers eligible?

For the most part High School student and teachers are both eligible. For high school students, the biggest hurdle could be an education email address. Since most high-schools don't provide email to student, then high-school students can use a platform like to verify their education status and then they'll be eligible for almost all the discounts on Deal Buster

My university is not listed on deal buster

Deal Buster just launched and we're in the process of adding colleges and universities every day. If your college or university is not currently listed, you can search for and choose "Other" and you will still be able to find and discover discounts that is available for all colleges (including yours).

Do I need to be in the United States?

For the most part yes. A majority of the coporate discounts on Deal Buster are for students in the United States. However, if you're outside of the U.S., then you can still try to claim a discount with your student email and see if it works - some may work and some may not work so you'll have to test and see.

How much discount can I get?

Student discounts and deals vary widely depending on the product and company offering the discount. But on average, you can expect to get anywhere from 10% to 75% off on anything you find on Deal Buster.